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Day 5 and 6 of the writing meme! I mean to get 5 posted yesterday but a huge wind storm knocked out our power until about midnight. Even then it kept going in and out.

haze; Trudy/Ram; The Tribe

haze )

flame; Casey & RJ; PRJF (Beyond Wonderland'verse)

flame )
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I made a new video! (Also, did you know if you rename your icons, anything you posted previous is changed to your default icon. Cause I didn't.)

Trudy and Ram's relationship isn't easy. But it's theirs.
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So I got bored last night and I made a key chain and a necklace. I thought I'd share. Any MCR fans out there might recognize the words. XD

I like them! )

Plus some previously art I've made that I (think) I haven't posted to livejournel yet.

♥ Bandom
♥ Power Rangers Samurai
♥ Wizards of Waverly Place
♥ Tribe

Lots of art behind the cut. You have been warned )

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Another Mega and Slade video. I've been wanting to make another for the longest time and then someone mentioned how this song would fit them over on Tribe Revival.
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Okay, so I absolutely adore this song. Just gonna say that upfront.

This is a general season 5 video. I hope everyone enjoys.
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I have more art for [ profile] hc_bingo  and [ profile] au_bingo .

♥ Tower Prep
♥ Tribe
♥ Percy Jackson
♥ Victorious
♥ UnNatural History
♥ Smallville
♥ American Idol 8

Art Dump 2.0 )
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The past week I've been working on art for [ profile] au_bingo  and [ profile] hc_bingo . There are also some icons tossing in with the mix.


♥ Tower Prep
♥ Power Rangers
♥ Tribe
♥ Victorious
♥ American Idol

Art Dump )
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Title: All These Things I Have Done
Author: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Tribe or any of the characters.
Words: 3353
Fandom: Tribe
Pairing: Amber/Pride, Jack/Luke, pre-Trudy/Hawk,
Summary: Everybody has something that they are running from.
Notes: Written for [ profile] cerberusa  for [ profile] tribeathon  using the prompts: 'Choice'; Pride/Amber, how things turn out differently (or don't) if she stays with him.
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A Dangerous Way Opening • Tribe from Solarbaby614 on Vimeo.

A fanmade opening for a Tribe series mixing the idea of Trudy and Lex as siblings and Trudy and Ebony as siblings.

I uploaded it to Vimeo cause Youtube blocked the sound. ;.;
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So it's been a while since I really posted any of my art here. I have a mix of banners and posters of various fandoms.

♥ UnNatural History
♥ Power Ranger Time Force
♥ Tribe

Posters and Banners of Various Ideas )
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So I;ve got a brand new video program now! Yay! It's Vegas Movie Studio HD and my first experiment with this program created this.

It's for Catt021's 60 Second Countdown contest. It's for 50 Seconds of Fear.

Fandom: Tribe

Set during season 1.
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I've been trying a new style of art since I've got Paintshop Pro back and this art comes in the form of posters! I've got several at the moment and some more sitting on my hard drive waiting for text (which I suck at).

Posters )
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These are a bunch of old wallpapers I realize that I realize I've never posted here. Two White Collar/Leverage (Neal/Parker) and and five Tribe (one for Forsaken).

Wallpapers of Old )
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Title: Everything’s Made [To Be Broken]
Author: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Words: 667
Summary: “Not happy to see me?”
Notes: Season 1 AU where Lex and Trudy are siblings. Lex wasn’t there when Bray brought Trudy in.

"It seems you've missed all the excitement," Zandra greeted him as he started up the staircase. )
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What if Trudy and Lex were sister and brother?

Lex doesn't like Bray and doesn't like how much Trudy adores him even more. He even takes her outside to try and cheer her up. But when Trudy overdoses on pills Lex knows who's to blame and attacks Bray. Still, Trudy seems stuck on the guy and Lex doesn't like it.

Mad World-Adam Lambert
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Title: Live It Up
Author: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Words: 400
Summary: Luke's return to the mall caused little fanfare. Luke/Jack
Notes: Written for [ profile] tv_100 . I decided to bring Luke back for season 5. I'm not sure if there's going to be anymore or not.

Drama )
First )
Stop )
Sunshine )
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Remember to watch in High Quality!

There's an actual story behind this! *gasp*

Its set after my as of now unposted mirror'verse Luke/Jack fic. For those who aren't familiar with mirror'verse its where the chosen/techos/andsuch are good and the mallrats are evil.


Jack is captured by the Chosen and during his time there he pretends to be converted and is involved with Jack. But he manages to break through to Trudy and the two get a message to the Mallrats. The Mallrats storm the compound and free them, capturing the Guardian and Luke in the progress.

Video Story:

Its the victory feast after their defeat of the chosen and Luke is brought out. They get Jack to tell the story of how he and Trudy escaped the chosen. Luke is heartbroken because he really cared about Jack. At the end of the story Bray tells Jack that he's giving Luke to him. After this Luke tries to appeal to Jack and get him to turn against his friends.

After another arguement Luke leaves the room and Jack intends to let him cool down but he takes this as a chance to escape. Moz and the Mozquitoes find him and bring him back to the mall.
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This is the first vid I've made on my new computer. Its much better quality even though its made with the watered down version of Windows Movie Maker that Windows 7 comes with.

Basically about the aftermath of the explosion. Make sure to watch in HD!

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I made a Bray/Amber video using my mother's laptop since mines out of commission. It was made using footage taken from season 3 (even the season 1 clips). But I hope everyone likes it.

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Title: Back Where You Started From
Author: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Pairings: Zoot/Trudy
Words: ~300
Summary: She was dressed for death but no one said a word.
Notes: For the Tribe season 1 AU I mentioned a few months ago. Basic idea, Trudy and Bray both leave the night with Zoot. Written for [ profile] comment_fic .

Thump, thump, thump. )
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A video about Dal's death and Amber's reaction. I finally got season 3 clips and wanted to so something with them. My original idea was to do a Luke (possibly Luke/Jack) vid but I couldn't fing a song so this came out instead.

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Title: Beneath Your Breath
Author: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Pairings: Minor Jack/Sasha, Minor Jack/Ellie, Minor Jack/Mega, Minor Jack/Gel, Jack/Luke.
Words: 945
Summary: The four people Jack wasn’t involved with and the one that came back.
Notes: Set in my Tribe mirror’verse. I started working on this while taking a break from my Jack/Luke mirror’verse fic.

Jack watched from the stairs as the prisoners taken from the Techno camp were paraded out in front of them. )
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Title: Forsaken (6/?)
Author: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Words: 512
Summary: There were those that were left behind.
Notes: I’m really not sure how I feel about this chapter. I tried for serious, but that didn’t quite work. It's also quite a bit shorter than intended but it gets the story where it needs to go. We’re getting closer and closer to the Mallrats’ return.

No. You're not driving. )
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A Tribe Video

This began as a challenge to make a tribe video using voiceovers from the actors appearances on Power Rangers. It turned into a video with an actual story. XD

Jay finds out that Ram and Trudy are together. He doesn't trust Ram and doesn't want him near Trudy. He takes Ram outside and confronts him about it. This prompts an arguement between Trudy and Ram. Jay apologies to Trudy who is still upset. Ram overhears the arguement the two get into. Trudy is surprised to find out that Jay is willing to help get Ram to talk to her and they get back together. In the end, Trudy accepts Jay's wanting to be friends again as Ram looks on.

This is the Place-Tribe
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I made a bunch of wallpapers to destress after all the computer issues I've been having. But I'm happy with how they came out.

Alice and Tribe Wallpapers )
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