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All of these are inspired by [personal profile] akamine_chan's the dead go faster.

Also, lately I've been getting into making tumblr graphics even though I can barely upload art I made to my tumblr (thanks to my sucky internet connection on this side of campus).

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Made for the bigbang challenge at [ profile] onceuponaland. I was afraid I wasn't going to get it done in time but I'm glad I did. XD Especially the absurd one.

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So Once Upon A Time is one of my shiny new fandoms. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it when it first came on but it grew on me. I've had some pretty strong fic ideas for this so I made art while I worked out fic parts. And I thought I'd share the art (and the love ♥).

I haven't been on such a banner making spree since Power Rangers.

Let's start with the Regina raises Snow idea.

This one is pretty simple. Basically Regina never finds out that Snow told her mother about Daniel so she raises her as her daughter. However, Regina is still pretty much evil so Snow ends up kinda evil. dark!Snow/Charming

A total of 9 banners.

Regina raises Snow )

And we move on to the Regina raises Emma idea.

We get a little more complicated here. Instead of sending everyone to the Real World, Regina kidnaps Emma and takes her to Wonderland to raise (totally usurping her mother). She also forces Snow and Charming and all of FTL to have to relive the same miserable day over and over, sans baby Emma. This also includes some Mad March (as played by Chris Evans) and Hatter with some Emma/Huntsman.

The whole story is actually a bit more complicated but I'm hoping to finish the actual fic for it soon.

A total of 17 banners.

Regina raises Emma )
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So I got bored last night and I made a key chain and a necklace. I thought I'd share. Any MCR fans out there might recognize the words. XD

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Plus some previously art I've made that I (think) I haven't posted to livejournel yet.

♥ Bandom
♥ Power Rangers Samurai
♥ Wizards of Waverly Place
♥ Tribe

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Title: Art for [ profile] radiogaga33 's fic Red
Artist: [ profile] solarbaby614 
Fandom: Kradam
Notes: Okay, so I signed up for this awesome challenge called [ profile] kradambigbang . And I got paired up with some wicked authors and one of them is [ profile] radiogaga33 . I have no words for how much I loved her fic Red.

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So it's been a while since I really posted any of my art here. I have a mix of banners and posters of various fandoms.

♥ UnNatural History
♥ Power Ranger Time Force
♥ Tribe

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Not much in the updating world. Just a few Beyond Wonderland banners (I am still working on the fic) and some Alice in Wonderland wallpapers.

Also a Alice in Wonderland/Alice Wallpaper behind the cut )
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Today I was struck by a strange idea. So obviously, I had to make fan art for it. And what was this strange idea you ask? Shelter goes ZOMBIE! Yes, you heard me right! Zombie! I two avatars and five banners using a [ profile] smallfandomfest  prompt for it. The prompt was Shelter, Shaun/Zach, what happens now. I hope you all like them.

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Art post for Alice. Three banners.

These are for an AU Alice fic idea where instead of Carpenter being Alice's father, Mad March is.

A bit of an explaination about who I choice for Alice's father. Someone one youtube made a Hatter/March video using Alan Tudyk as March and it just stuck with me.

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One of my brand new loves is a mini-series called Alice. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's like a re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland only better. More of how Tin Man is like Wizard of Oz than the new Johnny Depp 'Alice in Wonderland' is to the original.

So I've made a few banners. The first ones are general Alice/Hatter banners while the second batch is for an assassin!Hatter fic I'm working on.

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I have a bit more fanart for that Season 1 Tribe AU idea. All of which is Trudy, Zoot and Brady stuff. Three banners and a wallpaper, though the banners could be seen as normal season 1.

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Tribe banners for a Tribe AU based off the idea of what if Trudy and Bray had gone with Zoot before Lex could kill him.

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Four banners for my NaNoWriMo fic, which I'm way behind working on by about 20,000 words or so. I'm only at 5000. But these banners helped so I'll be writing again! The text on the banners are from Reba McEntire's 'Consider Me Gone' which is perfect for the fic I'm writing.

Note: The banners are much more angsty than my fic will probably turn out to be. That's the way it always happens. And none of the photos I used were actually from Doom or Star Trek. Go figure.

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This is an idea for an AU!Shelter fic that I'm working on. Basically, we have vampire!Shaun. So I bring you a banner and a movie poster for it. Please tell me what ya'll think!

There be vampire!Shaun here )

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I have several Tribe banners, most are Ram/Trudy and one Bray/Amber.

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A Shelter centered fanart post. Three banners and three wallpapers.


Shelter Fanart )

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I made some Dillon/Ziggy (and some evil!Dillon/Ziggy)banner that I thought I'd share with everyone. There is also some banners for my crazy!kindaevil!Ziggy fic. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think.


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So I have some banners for my upcoming fic called Beyond Wonderland. It's basically a Serenity (Firefly)/Jungle Fury fic. Obviously it will be Rasey (RJ/Casey).

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Okay I have many banners for Mommy Dearest. Some with idea I've tossed and some with idea's I've run with. So tell me what you guys think. K?

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Okay, so I have some Rasey (RJ/Casey) and Rim (Robbie/Kim) graphics for everyone!


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Rasey (RJ/Casey)

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