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Title: Jefferson(Hatter)/Belle Graphics
Rating: T
Notes: I made these three tumblr sized Jefferson(Hatter)/Belle art for Made for [ profile] onceuponaland's 10th Round Creation.

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Title: Jefferson/Hatter Graphics
Rating: T
Notes: I made Mad Hatter/Jefferson (bonus Grace and Alice) art for Made for [ profile] onceuponaland. Three tumblr sized graphics including Jefferson and Grace and Hatter/Alice(OUaTiW).

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Made for the bigbang challenge at [ profile] onceuponaland. I was afraid I wasn't going to get it done in time but I'm glad I did. XD Especially the absurd one.

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I've been way behind on the writing meme (three days!) but I'm finally catching up. These are all from my OUaT "Regina raises Emma" universe.

formal; Emma (with appearances by Hatter, Regina and March); Once Upon A Time

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companion; March & Hatter; Once Upon A Time

companion )

move; Emma; Once Upon A Time

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So Once Upon A Time is one of my shiny new fandoms. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it when it first came on but it grew on me. I've had some pretty strong fic ideas for this so I made art while I worked out fic parts. And I thought I'd share the art (and the love ♥).

I haven't been on such a banner making spree since Power Rangers.

Let's start with the Regina raises Snow idea.

This one is pretty simple. Basically Regina never finds out that Snow told her mother about Daniel so she raises her as her daughter. However, Regina is still pretty much evil so Snow ends up kinda evil. dark!Snow/Charming

A total of 9 banners.

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And we move on to the Regina raises Emma idea.

We get a little more complicated here. Instead of sending everyone to the Real World, Regina kidnaps Emma and takes her to Wonderland to raise (totally usurping her mother). She also forces Snow and Charming and all of FTL to have to relive the same miserable day over and over, sans baby Emma. This also includes some Mad March (as played by Chris Evans) and Hatter with some Emma/Huntsman.

The whole story is actually a bit more complicated but I'm hoping to finish the actual fic for it soon.

A total of 17 banners.

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Title: I Write Sins, Not Tragedies
Author: [personal profile] solarbaby614
Word Count: 1197
Pairing(s)/Characters: Snow White/Prince Charming
Summary: When Snow succeeds in killing Regina, darkness takes over her heart and she takes Regina's place as queen. When she catches word that Charming is about to be beheaded by his father she has to step in. It's a fair trade in her opinion, she spares the lives of everyone in his kingdom and he gives her Charming as her personal slave.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Author's Notes: Written for challenge 32 at [ profile] onceuponalandon livejournal.

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This was made for the recast challenge at [ profile] onceuponaland. I have really enjoyed this challenge.

I'll have some Once Upon a Time banners up soon too, if anyone is interested.

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