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Fic: I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Title: I Write Sins, Not Tragedies
Author: [personal profile] solarbaby614
Word Count: 1197
Pairing(s)/Characters: Snow White/Prince Charming
Summary: When Snow succeeds in killing Regina, darkness takes over her heart and she takes Regina's place as queen. When she catches word that Charming is about to be beheaded by his father she has to step in. It's a fair trade in her opinion, she spares the lives of everyone in his kingdom and he gives her Charming as her personal slave.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Author's Notes: Written for challenge 32 at [ profile] onceuponalandon livejournal.

There is hate in her heart as the arrow flies straight and true.

Snow watches from her perch as the Queen (not Regina, not anymore) falls from her horse and her guards surround her. There’s quite a bit of commotion before they all fall silent.

One voice finally speaks out. “The Queen is dead.”

Snow’s job is done here.


She waits a few days before making her return to the castle. The Queen is dead and there is no longer a bounty on her head. As the only living heir to the kingdom, Snow is going to return home and reclaim her birthright.

The kingdom is supposed to be in mourning but they seem livelier than she’s seen in ages as she passes through. They recognize her easily and rumor of her return reaches the castle before she can.

The Huntsman is waiting for her at the entrance, looking worn out yet pleased by her return. “Welcome home, your majesty.”

Snow knows she should be happy, she’s had her revenge and is returning to her home to take her place as queen, but she isn’t. She hasn’t been happy in a long time and the only thing she can feel is emptiness. It hurts. Even the Queen’s death hadn’t eased it.

Still she gives him a smile, hoping it doesn’t look half as faked as it feels and takes his arm as he escorts her home.


Snow is crowned the next day, dressed in the white of her namesake, looking every bit of the savor people have come to see her as.

The hall is filled to capacity with excited people, happy for the new queen’s reign to begin. They have no idea of the thoughts running through their queen‘s head.

“Long live the Queen!” someone in the back calls and the crowd picks up the chant.

She doesn’t feel happy but she feels something and she knows that she’ll do anything to keep from losing that.


A couple of nights later, Snow White rests comfortably in her bed and remembers.

“Charming,” she whispers as she wakes up.


She is young, innocent, untested. Other kingdoms try to take advantage of that. They gather their armies and test her boarders.

Snow leads her own army and cuts them down swiftly, without mercy.

The fear she sees in her enemies eyes is delicious. She feeds off of it and while it’s not happiness, it’s the closest she’s gotten yet.


She leaves King George’s kingdom for last.

He’s done nothing to slight her since her reign began but she remembers everything now. Snow remembers the way he tried to take away her happiness, the way he succeeded, and it fills her with anger and hate. She was happy once, but he ruined it.

Absently, she wonders if this is the way that Regina felt when Daniel left her.

Snow bides her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity, when the Huntsman returns to her with news.

“King George has declared that Prince James is to be beheaded for the crime of treason in three days.”

She jerks away from the rose bush, pricking her finger. “Ouch,” she mumbles, frowning at the blood welling up for a moment before wiping it away on her red dress. “Gather the troops. I want to be there before nightfall tomorrow.”

The Huntsman looks dubious but nods and backs away.

She leans forward and smells the fragrant rose blooms. “It’s almost time,” Snow whispers.


“Well, well, well. How the tides have turned,” Snow says as her guards drag King George into the tent.

He falls to his knees once he’s released, his breath coming out in harsh gasps. There’s blood on his face and she can see some discoloration of his skin already. He obviously put up a fight when he was captured. Stupid, stupid man. “You can have anything you want. Just, please, spare us.”

She laughs darkly and grabs him by the hair, yanking up his head. “What if it’s your deaths that I desire?”

King George recoils. “I can give you gold, an army, land. We’re a wealthy kingdom. We could be an asset to you.”

Her grip on his hair disappears and she backs away, shaking her head. “Luckily for you, there is only one thing from you I want. I think it’s a fair trade. I don’t slaughter everyone in your kingdom, including you, and in return you give me your son.”

“Take him,” King George spits out. “You can have him. He is no son of mine.”

“It looks like we have a deal then,” Snow says, clapping her hands, pleased. The guards come forward and yank the king to his feet. “Now, understand this, and understand this very well, from this point on all trade routes through my kingdom are closed to you. And I’m going to make sure that anyone that doesn’t want to incur my wrath does the same.”

“But that will bankrupt us!” There’s fear in the king’s eyes and Snow can almost taste it.

Snow smiles at him. “I hope so.”


She can hear them approach long before the guards shove Charming inside. He’s cursing, struggling against the chains, and the fight is much more attractive in him than it was in his father. But all that changes when he catches sight of her.

All the fight seems to go out of him and he doesn’t fight as he’s pushed to his knees.

Charming is pale, his eyes gone wide and his mouth open. It’s clear that he wasn’t expecting to see her. “Snow,” he whispers.

She gives him a smile. “Hello, Charming.”

He lets out a sound, a mixture of relief and disbelief, and tries to get up only for one of guards to shove him back down. Charming shoves back against him, the fight in him renewed, before the guard is on him, pinning him to the ground, fist back ready to strike.

“Enough,” Snow snaps.

The guard pauses and then starts, “My queen…”

“Leave us,” she tells them and for a moment she thinks they are going to argue but Charming is only sent a distrustful look before they exit. Snow moves over to him and tisks as Charming blinks up at her, dazed.

“Queen?” He blinks up at her, uncomprehending, before realization fills his eyes and he sits up. “You did it, didn’t you? You killed her.” There’s something broken in his voice and it makes her frown.

“I took action,” her words echoed from the last time they met.

Charming flinches slightly. “And now? What are you doing here?”

“Tying up loose ends,” is all she says, reaching out to take an apple from the bowl on the table.

Charming looks at her and there‘s a sad, lost look in his eyes. “And I’m a loose end,” he says, his voice empty.

“Oh, no,” she responds, kneeling down next to him. “You’re not an end. You‘re mine and I‘m not giving you up again.”

Snow takes a bite of the apple and smiles, before holding it out to him.

He stares her for a few moments before leaning forward and taking a bite.