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After seeing all the Kate Bishop stuff using Crystal Reed on tumblr, it inspired me to make this.

Also, if you aren't already following me on tumblr, please do. It's!
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I made a new video! (Also, did you know if you rename your icons, anything you posted previous is changed to your default icon. Cause I didn't.)

Trudy and Ram's relationship isn't easy. But it's theirs.
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Set after the season finale.

As they try to escape Ian's power goes into overdrive and he see's flashes of the future, shocking them, and they go back to confront Headmaster. Accusations fly and information comes out.

Conner gets returned to them and Ian is there when he wakes up. But something is off. He doesn't understand why they aren't trying to escape and finds out that Ian is 'working' for Headmaster.
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So after reading several Doom/Star Trek fics in order I was suddenly struck with the desire to make a Doom/Star Trek video. So I booted up my meager abilities to produce this, though there really is no story behind it. I still have no idea what's going on with the green flashy thing though.

Download: Megaupload

Done Believing (Reaper, McCoy/Kirk)

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I have a video for everyone. It's a trailer for a new fic I'm working on.

I'm working on that's a sequal to my schizophrenic!Ziggy fic called 'Fractured Soul'. The basic idea is that after he ran from from the cartels he was started working for Venjix. But after he becomes a ranger he finds his loyalties divided. What happens when the rangers find out?

I'll post the link to the fic after it's posted.

A notquitecrazy!notquiteevil!Ziggy trailer.


All Falls Apart from Solarbaby614 on Vimeo.

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