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Art: [ profile] littlblackghost 's fic Late Dawn

Title: Art for [ profile] littlblackghost 's fic Late Dawn
Artist: [ profile] solarbaby614
Fandom: Bandom (Gerard/Frank)
Notes:Made for [ profile] zombiebang. It's a zombie fic. Where they live in a mall. How awesome is that?! (You can think The Tribe for my love of anything that has to do with the mall)
*warning: spoilers for the fic in the art








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That's totally awesome. I love you and your skills. :D

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ASDFGHJK Words cannot describe how I feel for this ♥

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I'm so glad you like it! I'm never sure how my art work comes across.

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I love it :) It's much different to like, what you normally see. I showed my sister and she was like 'ASDFGHJHGFDSDFGHJ!' (yes, she did make a sound like that) :) I just love that you actually have like, the rooftop & the mall ♥ So good.