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Art for fic "Feel the Tide Shifting"

Title: Art for [personal profile] bunniewabbit's fic "Feel the Tide Shifting"
Fandom: Bandom; Spencer/Brendon
Rating: PG13 for Art
Notes: Made for [community profile] bandombigbang.

 photo BandomBigBang7Poster_zps028a73af.png

 photo BandomBigBang7blend_zpsc1a90248.png

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[personal profile] akamine_chan 2013-06-22 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Very awesome!
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[personal profile] melusina 2013-06-22 03:42 pm (UTC)(link)
These are great!
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[personal profile] lucifuge5 2013-06-22 03:44 pm (UTC)(link)
I love these! Really cool pieces. :)
turps: (spencer-brendon-pete ( arustedsmile))

[personal profile] turps 2013-06-22 04:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Those are fantastic!
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[personal profile] abtagrl 2013-06-24 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
these are excellent! :]