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Art: [ profile] lyrical_tragedy Wake The Dead

Title: Art for [ profile] lyrical_tragedy Wake The Dead
Artist: [ profile] solarbaby614
Rating: Mature
Fandom: Bandom (Gerard/Frank)
Notes:Made for [ profile] zombiebang. This was a pitch hit that I almost didn't grab cause I've already got about three big bang fics due around december but I'm so glad I did. This fic was exactly like watching a zombie movie only with sex. This is actually supposed to be posted tomorrow but I work tomorrow til six and I have no clue if I'll be able to post it. So I figured better early than late!

*warning: spoilers for the fic in the art







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These are brilliant ♥

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Thank you so much once again for the art! It's amazing :D :D
I'll be posting it sooooon as its almost the 31st here :D
Thank you once again <3

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I'm really glad you like the art.