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♥ I'm back home for the summer, which means regular internet. I loved living on campus but we were so far on the end of campus that the signal we got was weak at best. Unfortunately, my computer appears to be on its last legs. I'm pretty sure that it has a virus and it slow and laggy and keeps freezing. Hopefully since I'm working I'll be able to get a new one in a few weeks.

♥ I'm working part time right now, only 20 hours a week but I'm looking for a second job, if not a third. I was originally going to try and get my car fixed up to take to school next semester, but now with my laptop dying I'm gonna be short some cash. Plus there's a chance my tuition my be short next semester. *stress*

♥ I'm currently trying to finish up my kradambigbang fic since it's due soon. I'm wanting to finish my beetlejuice!AU. Other than that I'm working on my art for the fic I claimed for bandombigbang and trying to get that fic finished as well.

♥ I know I'm not around a lot but I've been spending more time on tumblr. I'm still solarbaby614 on there if you wanna hit me up! I don't know why it's so addictive. O_O
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This wasn't written with the intention to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I have.

Also known as The Why Tara Shouldn't Have Vault Before Bed Rant:

A friend of mine posted something on a forum that got me thinking about this. She even posted a note a the end of it saying that she didn’t mean it about me, which made me smile cause its great to have friends like that and god knows I’ve written some poor excuses for slash in my fandom time.

She talked about how some people slash characters together just cause they look hot together and how that wasn’t fair to the characters themselves. And, honestly, it’s not. But while it helps that two characters have chemistry when slashing them, its not necessary. Whether the fic turns out good or not really depends on the writers ability to pull it off themselves.

There are pairings that I’ve attempted to write that turned into Fics That Will Never See The Light Of Day because my fic writing ability isn’t at a level that I can turn them into something good enough for public consumption. Its usually not my reasoning in the fics--cause give me long enough with a fic and I can explain away anything--but it usually stems from the characterizations. Characterization can either make or break a fic.

At the very least, I like to try write pairings that have some sort of chemistry, whether its imaginary or not. RJ and Casey had chemistry, Luke and Jack had a strange sort of chemistry (which I could break off into a love/hate tangent but I‘ll spare everyone), and Arthur and Merlin’s chemistry is obvious. However, and this applies to het pairings as well, there are ships I would never have even considered except for the fact that someone wrote a fic well though that it made me believe it. Length helps in fics like that because it gives more room to flesh out the pairing but length can also kill a fic quickly if you can’t pull it off.

She also mentioned that [in Power Rangers], most of the characters are canonically straight, which is true for pretty much all fandoms. Dillon/Summer is all but canon in the series--after all they did ride off into the sunset together, even if Tenaya was in the backseat and really what kind of crappy finale was that?-- but I really don’t like Summer herself. Her character was too much of a Mary Sue for my taste and I can certainly think of other characters who could have used two part episodes more than her (like Ziggy’s who involved the mob or Dr. K). Which probably encourages my slashing of Dillon/Ziggy. I’m sure others can say the same thing about characters I like.

I’ve been lucky to have awesome fandom friends who not only listen to my slashy ranting but also encourages it. They may not necessary like the same pairings but still cheer me on all the same and I love them for it.
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