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Five Acts Round 7

- Post a list of your five favorite kinks/acts or themes in your journal. Inspiration can be found here. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Comment to the master post with a link to your post.
- Read other people's lists and post comment-fic based off their themes.
- The Five Acts Meme will last May 8-May 15.

1. Biting (marking, nipping, chewing)

2. Possessiveness or jealousy

3. Restraint (pinning someone down; pushing someone's arm up behind their back during sex; covering or clasping someone's hands to prevent movement)

4. Pampering (spoiling someone rotten with gifts or money; physical pampering such as massage and grooming; giving someone a novel or unexpected degree of emotional or sexual care; catering to someone's every whim, e.g., someone who is in the hospital; harems as settings for pampering)

5. Falling (falling from grace; going bad; turning to the Dark Side; Faustian deals; succumbing to temptation or addiction; degradation and descent in general)

Tribe: Ram/Trudy, Luke/Jack, Lex/Jack, Bray/Lex

Bandom (includes Killjoy'verse): Gerard/Frank, Gerard/Mikey, Ray/Mikey Party Poison/Gerard, Party Poison/Kobra Kid, Party Poison/Fun Ghoul, Gerard/Kobra Kid, Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer, Brendon/Spencer/Ryan

Grimm: Nick/Monroe

Once Upon a Time: Snow White/Regina, Snow White/Charming, Hatter/Belle (don't judge me), Hook/Aurora

Being Human (US): Adian/Josh

Thor: Thor/Loki

Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Gwaine

Power Rangers: Jason/Billy, Hunter/Cam, Conner/Kira, Madison/Daggeron, RJ/Casey, Dillon/Ziggy, Wes/Eric

XMen First Class: Eric/Charles

Jane by Design: Jane/Billy, Jane/Jeremy

Santa Clause: Charlie/Bernard

Numb3rs: Don/Charlie

Shelter: Shaun/Zach

White Collar: Peter/Neal

Supernatural: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel

Big Wolf On Campus: Tommy/Merton

H2O Just Add Water: Lewis/Cleo, Zane/Rikki

Fast and the Furious: Dom/Brian, Carter/Brian

Leverage: Nate/Elliot

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles: Derek/John

Eureka: Nathan/Jack

Stargate SG1: Jack/Daniel

Ocean Girl: Neri/Jason

Star Trek AOS: Kirk/McCoy, Chekov/Sulu

Alice: Alice/Hatter

American Idol: Adam/Kris, Cook/Archuleta

Boy Meets World: Shawn/Cory

UnNatural History: Henry/Jasper

Eerie Indiana: Marshall/Dash

Tin Man: Glitch/Wyatt

Addams Family: Wednesday/Joel

Tower Prep: Ian/Conner, Ian/Conrad, Ian/Coach

Percy Jackson: Percy/Luke, Percy/Apollo

Victorious: Beck/Tori, Beck/Tori/Jade, Tori/Jade, Robbie/Beck

Revenge: Nolan/Emily

Labyrinth: Sarah/Jareth


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