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Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:47 am
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Yesterday I got the most adorable postcard from [livejournal.com profile] gh0sts. Thank you so much. It was such a lovely surprise ♥

Lets see, in the last week or so I've seen The Mummy, which was okay and Gifted which I liked a lot. Started to watch The Handmaid's Tale, which led to me reading a forum post about the show which included recs for books in that genre, so ended up downloading and reading Only Ever Yours which I gobbled down in a few days, all the time thinking, no, no, this is horrible and wrong.

Talking about reading. I abandoned that Musketeer story I mentioned a few posts back. It wasn't the constant crying that defeated me, even though that was irritating, it was because the writer was posting as a WIP and obviously started changing the story depending on what people said comments. Due to that they ended up constantly contradicting things that had been stated as fact earlier just so they could change the story going forward. I mean, own what you're writing, if someone doesn't like what you've written, that's on them not you. It was so frustrating and in the end I just gave in -- and then started to read a horribly melodramatic mpreg instead.

Looking through my open tabs I found a gdocs draft of the story I started and then abandoned for the wingfic picfor1000 Way bros idea. So I finished it. I need to give it a look over and will probably post it. It's just a bit of fluff, but it's a shame to just leave it sitting there. Though I may go see if I can match it to a bingo prompt first #cheat

It doesn't happen often with both of them working shifts, but both Kayleigh and James were at work the last two days so I had to take mam to a dentist appointment on Tuesday and then yesterday to an appointment to the chest clinic. The dentist went fine, and then yesterday she got mixed news. The tumour in her lung has shrank a little, but her oxygen levels are so low she's going to be started on home oxygen from next week. I think we all knew it was coming, and hopefully it won't be a 24/7 thing but more of a top-up, but she's still upset.

While at the hospital we bumped into my dad's brother who'd been there for a post op check. We talked a while, then when he left mam asked who it was and I told her, uncle Allen. She was astounded, and apparently hasn't seen him since she divorced my dad, so over 30 years ago. I wondered why he seemed a bit tense and she said nothing.

Corey's having more issues with his wisdom tooth so has been calling often over the last two days. He couldn't get an appointment at his own dentist until Monday, so has been trying to get an emergence dental appointment in Newcastle, and after going to the walk in dentist this morning at 8am, finally has a card to say he can go back and wait from 1 this afternoon. Hopefully they can do something then, and if not, has kept the Monday appointment just in case.

I went to a walk to High Force with James, stopping off at the ford first where I had a plodge. It was funny as we met and chatted to a couple there, and then a few hours later met them again at the falls, where the guy offered to take our photo.

Mam got her new car on Monday. Kayleigh is her designated driver, so we took both of them to the garage to pick it up, and while there we were checking out all the new cars. We don't change until Dec next year, so don't even need to start looking until this time next year, but you know, we were there, so why not have a look around? And I have to say, it's such a good feeling to realise I could easily fit into any car, even the smaller kinds, and seat belts fastened with room to spare even in the back seats. When we do actually pick, the only thing we need to think of space wise is whether James' wheelchair will fit in the boot. Nothing else. That was such a rush.

Mog on the Tyne have two new kittens. Want to guess where we'll be going next week? :D

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Jun. 21st, 2017 09:36 pm
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In the trees looking up, it's sometimes hard to tell the fireflies from the stars.
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So far macOS Sierra and I are getting along pretty well. Safari works on my computer again, which is exciting. My computer acknowledges that my iPod exists, which is also exciting.

...That's pretty much the extent of what I've asked it to do, at this point.

(I guess that's why getting a new computer holds little appeal. I do everything on my iPod anyway, except for two key things: 1) backing up my iPod, and 2) typing on a full size keyboard.)
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*Andrea: At least the weather answers my question of whether or not I should do a 10 mile trail run this weekend: no.
Aaron: The answer to that should always be no.

I do not like moving

Jun. 20th, 2017 06:14 pm
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And I certainly am not thrilled by the idea of moving again, less than a year after the last move.

However, the place I am (knock wood, fingers crossed, etc) hopefully moving TO? I am extremely thrilled about that.

So if anyone would like to send good energy into the universe about [personal profile] darthneko and my home buying adventure, it would be much appreciated.
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He knocks on the door, worried he's not going to be able to enter. Technically the room belongs to the university, but he is paying for it. Mikey's not sure where the supernatural deterrent stops. Gerard solves the problem by muttering "come in, you fucking idiot" when he sees it's him.

Gerard starts ranting the moment the door is closed, where the fuck has he been and mom and dad are worried sick and I don't care if high school sucks, if you don't graduate you're fucked and you've only got two months left anyway, and Mikey can tell he's never going to shut up so he does the simple thing. He kisses him.

Or, at least he tries. He doesn't have his tongue in Gerard's mouth for more than a second before Gerard's backing away. "What the fuck?"

Mikey is struck with an urge to break his neck. It's not anything evil and vampiric; he used to get the same feeling when Gerard took the last sip of coffee from his mug and he had to make a new one to finish getting his fix.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] gala_apples' Blood... It's Everything
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I don't like to upgrade my computer's operating system, as a general rule. Which is why I'm probably one of a minority of people still running OS X Lion.


When it got to the point where it looked like I would need to buy a new computer in order to have a device that could talk to my iPod (and thus get pictures off of it, so I could have space to take more pictures, and today my iPod started giving me the warning every five minutes that I need to free up space or else), I figured, well. If it doesn't work now or doesn't work later, what's the difference?

So I have made the jump straight from Lion to Sierra. Good times.

So far the computer still works.
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Wish the new Power Rangers movie was longer? May I recommend the 20 minutes of deleted scenes (blocked), which address important questions like, "How did Kim get a new phone so quickly?" (she didn't; it's Billy's), "Is Jason's younger sister deaf?" (unlikely though not impossible), and "What did Billy tell his mom about the van?" (it was stolen, per Jason's coaching).

ETA: The person who played the first Yellow Ranger also played the saleswoman at the jewelry store. There must be a non-tragic (reincarnation AU?) first team reunion fic in there somewhere.

"protect this world together"

Jun. 18th, 2017 01:19 am
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Rangerstop is doing a Wild Force reunion this year! Yay! And also, awkward.

Will Shayla and Merrick come? What about Toxica and Jindrax? Inquiring minds want to know!

Too bad Time Force came last year instead - imagine the entertainment value of those two teams overlapping ♥
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Fun facts gleaned from repeatedly re-watching the final detention scene from Power Rangers 2017:

1) That's not Billy's locker that explodes.
2) Pretty sure Tommy's desk isn't actually in the detention room.
3) Kim's lightning bolt is backwards.
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If we're not getting another movie with girl!Tommy, then I vote for fic with agender!Tommy. For max representation, and also in honor of original Tommy's long hair. (I probably shouldn't have shared my reasons; it makes me sound shallow, right? But think how great lesbian!Kim and agender!Tommy would be in the context of the 2017 verse! Oddly, I feel like it would have passed with no comment in the 1993 verse, which was all about unspoken equality and not making a big deal of diversity, but in 2017 we're all about validating people's differences and acknowledging their struggles.)

"keeping us down is impossible"

Jun. 17th, 2017 09:14 am
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This is my favorite instagram account: wolfgang2242, run by a person involved in and posting about senior dog rescue. Sweet and humorous at the same time, without ignoring the realities of caring for a large number of older animals but definitely focusing on the positives.

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Jun. 17th, 2017 10:42 am
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We had excellent news yesterday when we found out James had been awarded the enhanced rate for both care and mobility when changing from DLA to PIP. Which means that he can both keep the car and also get a small raise in his care payments. I really don't think I realised how heavy a weight it was waiting for that decision before that weight was gone. I mean, no matter what we told ourselves, that things would probably be okay, there was a very good chance that they wouldn't. But now, all is good, and we don't have to worry about it again until 2021.

In the last week we've been to the Wetlands again. I love that place, all the baby birds were running around everywhere, and the walking is perfect, especially as they have an electric scooter James can use so we're not tied to short distances. We saw so many ducklings and goslings, and in one of the hides saw a jay and a woodpecker for the first time. Also, the otters had more babies, and they'd just been released into the public enclosure that week. As always I took photos when thinking about Turlough. Only two though as I've been photo happy on here lately. behind here. )

It's a beautiful day today and I'll be heading into the garden soon. It's looking great atm, I've potted out all the courgettes and the tomato plants are thriving in the greenhouse. As always I've too many so I'm going to pot out some of the smaller ones and put them outside.

We may go for a short drive later, but only very short as James is on night shifts and I'm a little lacking sleep-wise. I always tend to go to bed later when James is on night shifts, and then Corey pocket dialled the land line at 2am. So by the time I'd got in touch with him and settled down from my initial, 'omg, what's happened!?' reaction by watching some Food Network, it was 3am. I could have slept in of course, but somehow my body really doesn't like doing that and I was awake at my normal time.
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Trying out my yogibo for sleeping again. Obviously it's going well so far, since here I am posting instead of unconscious. Mimi is Not Impressed.

ETA: Actually was way more comfy with a second blanket as a pillow and a body pillow as a second blanket! Didn't wake up once. Mimi slept on the futon, but this morning she's climbed on the yogibo with me and dozed off while I type.

I'll take it

Jun. 17th, 2017 01:00 am
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So I hadn't weighed myself for a couple of months; it's been really busy and I haven't been going to the gym, so I haven't been around a (particularly accurate) scale. I stepped on a scale today and saw a number I haven't seen since high school. Which surprised me.

(I'm always sure I'll gain weight when I'm not paying attention, I guess because that's so common in weight loss stories, that people lose weight only to gain it back. I was so surprised when the warm weather arrived this year and all the dresses I bought last year still fit - even though of course they would, right, I'm wearing the same jeans.)

Yay for continuing to move and pay attention to food even when stressed! ...Apparently.

ETA: I used to be self-conscious about wearing bags with an across-the-chest shoulder strap, the ones you put over your head and wear on your opposite hip? I mean, I wore them, because a lot of places won't allow backpacks but will allow an over the shoulder bag, but I adjusted them a lot to make sure they were hanging a bit forward of my hip, so the shoulder strap wouldn't pull through the middle of my chest and look awkward. (I mean, women with large chests know what I mean, right? I love the online advice about "fit a bra so the band lies flat against your chest," ha ha. What is that, written by men? Small women? I have no idea, but it's not a thing that's physically possible if your chest is so big that there's no space in the middle for the band to touch, come on.)

Today I looked in the mirror while I was grocery shopping and realized my bag had pulled back over my hip and my chest looked... exactly the way it usually looks. As though I am a typically-proportioned woman wearing a well-fitting bra. (So that's what it's like. What an unexpected experience.)
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The original AJJ and JDF cameo!

(I would have been happy to have them both in the movie. For the record.)

PS, Why do I think Billy's room is in the basement? The novel says it's upstairs. How much do I believe the novel over my own random assumptions? A lot, I guess. Not enough to not watch the movie again, probably.

ETA, I win! It's in the basement! I love the 21st century.

My relationship to WoW

Jun. 13th, 2017 01:53 pm
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Is currently such that, instead of "Yay, I can now log in on patch day and explore NEW CONTENT!" I react to patches with a mild aversion of, "If I don't log in, whatever dumbfuck changes they made didn't happen, right?"
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"Why'd you run away?" Gerard asks, and his voice is low and, like, intimate. His breath is kind of sour and warm and Frank feels it scatter down all the way down to his toes. He steps away quickly.

"I didn't fucking run," he shrugs, except he totally fucking did. "I just. I had to get home, that's all."

Gerard's face is a study in cynicism as he chews his lip, but then he shrugs and steps away. "Okay. Wanna have lunch?"

Frank can't help cracking up a bit, because sure, why not. Gerard isn't exactly giving him a choice in the matter, being all up in his space like that. Frank shakes his head as he rattles the lock, his belly roiling in something akin to relief. "C'mon in."

Gerard fumbles to pick up his sketchbook and bag and slips in after Frank. Once they're settled in on the floor, Frank is feeling almost comfortable again, because lunch in this closet is a hell of a lot safer than accidental stripping in his room or drunken almost-slumber parties at Gerard's.

"So, uh, you should, like, pick a movie next time. And we should plan in advance. The guys totally want to have another viewing thing with you, but maybe you could, like, stay?" Gerard is mumbling all of it not at Frank but at his sketchbook, his pencil scratching softly over the page, and Frank freezes.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] mrsronweasley's Run
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Yogibo and sensory integration
Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand, by [archiveofourown.org profile] speakpirate
Princesses to Generals

"Sometimes you play a small part in a story with your name on it and get your happy ending—and sometimes you go on to play the largest part of all in the creation of a Wonder Woman. The thought that a Buttercup could morph over time into an Antiope is perhaps the greatest comfort of all, in a world where women’s roles are often limited and limiting. Let us be princesses, but let us be generals too. Let us be loved by farmboys, but also by our sisters. Let us live in stories made to heal, but also in stories made to marshal bravery, fortitude, and wisdom.

"Let us keep our fairy tales, but live our lives to heights that are nothing short of mythological."

--Princess Buttercup Became the Warrior General Who Trained Wonder Woman, All Dreams Are Now Viable, by Emily Asher-Perrin
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