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Moving and Other Such Things

♥ I've decided to move over to dreamwidth! No reason to be alarmed, I'm still going to be here too but all my posts from now on with be crossposted from my dreamwidth account. I'm probably going to have to let my paid account here lapse too, especially if livejournal gets rid of the ads like they say they are. My account over there is [personal profile] solarbaby614

On that note, anyone else out there who has a dreamwidth please comment with a link so I can follow you over there. It will be so much easier that way. Also, if you all know of any fandom dreamwidth comms? I can't seem to find much over there. :/

♥ Let's talk bigbangs, shall we? I've signed up for [ profile] werewolfbigbang and both waves of [ profile] bandombigbang as writer and artist and [ profile] kradambigbang as an artist. I'm especially excited for my [ profile] bandombigbang fics. I'm wanted to do a cartoonBeetlejuice!MCR au and an alien-conqueror fic for my cannibal'verse.

♥ I can't wait for [ profile] bandomreversebb to start posting. XD I wanna see how everything came out!

♥ I also signed up for [ profile] no_tags so that fic has to be finished by the end of the week. It's anonymous so we'll see how it turns out.

♥ It's winter here and it's supposed to be cold, right? We've had 60-70 degree days for the past few weeks. I'm never gonna get to use my new sled. ;_;

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I hate DW, but I've added you over there :p I don't really use mine, but yanno...just in case...

BRBB is stressing me out ¬___¬ I have a writing date with a fellow bandom friend tomorrow to try and finish it. I'm doing okay with my other bigbangs though. I'm quite proud of my BBB so far, but my WBB is like, upsetting me XD I need to work on that too. WHY DO I DO IT TO MYSELF?!


It's so cold her right now - I'll send some cloud, okay? :p

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I added you back!

I didn't claim an art piece for brbb, mostly cause I wasn't enough of a ninja and mine were taken. I need to make serious progress for werewolfbigbang (like actually decided what to write).

I want to write both of those fics. The beetlejuice!Frank/lydia!Gerard is for the 20k and the cannibal'verse one is one based off the dream that Frank had where Gerard was the leader of the alien takeover. I'm excited about these.

I'll take some of that cold if it comes with snow. We had snow last year but I didn't have a sled.

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Yay ^___^

I'm about 6k into my werewolfbigbang, so I think I'm doing okay, it's just stressful XD

OMIG that beetlejuice!mcr au - I can't wait! <3 And I just want all the cannibal fic :p

I'll send a sled with the snow :p

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I'm hoping the beetlejuice one will reach 20k. If I can't get it to 20k, you may be seeing the fic much sooner. XD
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I'm [personal profile] mercilynn. And I just subscribed to you. :D

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Subscribed back!

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I am going to hear you complain again, aren't I? XD

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I like lj more in the way of stuff. But I don't like the fact that lj doesn't seem to care about the current users, only possible ones. Plus dw has subject lines and a larger max words per post.

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I wasn't referring to lj. I was referring to your BBs that you sign up for. XD

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Oh! Well, then yes. Yes you will. There will be much flailing and panicking and procrastination.
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fandom calendar

community promo

How to follow someone who has moved to Dreamwidth


If you're looking for bandom specific comms, you could browse the profiles of people like [personal profile] turlough and myself...

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Thanks! And trust me, I have. XD